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What Is A 1031 Exchange? IRS Code Section 1031 permits someone selling an investment property at a profit to sell the property, purchase another property of “like kind” of at least equal value, and pay no capital gains tax until after the sale of the second property. What is the benefit? An owner of investment property is permitted to exchange…Read More

Introduction As a New York attorney, I am amazed that in buying a home, typically the largest investment most people ever make, that they consult with non-professionals before ever consulting with their professional advisers. Now, I am sure that this article will upset many professional Realtors, but the truth is that a Realtor is not required to take any specialized…Read More

Overview Anyone who has bought a home can attest to the stress caused by the loan approval process. Once the closing is over, most purchasers feel a huge sense of relief. Often, the stress release of the closing finally taking place exceeds the joy of home-ownership itself. Understanding how your credit score impacts the loans available to you, as well…Read More

What do I do now? How did this happen? The decision to get divorced is probably the most heart wrenching decision a person will ever make, so it is logical that what happens after the decision will be traumatic. As a person who has been through a traumatic divorce, let me say that you will get through it, no matter…Read More