As a Port Chester Real Estate Attorney, I know this area.  I was born in New York City, but remember Port Chester when my neighbor had a horse, and the neighbor behind me had chickens!  Whether, White Plains, New Rochelle, Yonkers, Rye, Rye Brook, Harrison, Mamaroneck, Larchmont, or Purchase, I have lived in NYC and Westchester my entire life.  When it comes to buying and selling real estate, I understand the process.  More importantly, because I know the process, I know that efficiency is critical and that returning calls promptly is the only way.  Some parts of Westchester do not have public sewers and buyers are well advised to have a thorough septic inspection prior to ever signing a contract.  Our contracts are usually done within the hour.  Our entire practice consists of either business transactions or real estate and real estate related matters such as probate where someone needs to sell a home, or perhaps a commercial lease for a new business, or a business buying a commercial property.

We are all busy, but ignoring clients is the number one complaint most individuals have about their attorney.  Many attorneys have no special skills and compete with other attorneys in the same field on price alone.  Our practice is one that provides a concierge service.  This means that our services are specifically tailored to each client’s needs.  We do not quote the lowest price, nor do we compete on price alone.  In our view, this is a huge risk and assumes that all attorneys are competent.  I regularly represent other attorneys in their real estate transactions because they know that each area of the law is unique.  A dentist does not perform brain surgery and a foot doctor does not whiten teeth.  Likewise, an attorney should only handle matters that they are competent to handle. 

I am a Port Chester Real Estate Attorney because I like real estate.  Likewise, I regularly form LLC’s and corporations, and I enjoy helping people to buy and sell small businesses.  If you are considering forming or buying or selling a business, my page provides a short list of important considerations.  I do not like bankruptcy, nor do I read MRI’s all that well.  For that reason, our practice is focused on business and real estate transactions.  After 25 years and over 2,500 closings, we help you avoid problems before they occur whether complex transactions like 1031 Exchanges, or the purchase of your first single family home.


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